Our Privacy Policy

We respect your trust and conviction that you show towards us by shopping with us and this privacy policy will define how to give importance to secure and safe transactions and information privacy.

We InaaryaOrganics and our affiliates (collectively us, our and we) can use. Share and process your personal information through our mobile apps and websites would be referred as “platform” hereafter.

By browsing through our website and visiting our platform, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the privacy policy.

Information Collection

When you visit our site, you offer information that we seek from web and we also tell you which information are necessary, which are optional. After having your personal information, you are not unknown or anonymous to us, you can also opt-out of certain services in you think that the info we are asking is too sensitive for you to give us.

We would look at your browsing history form which URL you are coming from and firm there where you go so that to analyze buying behaviors which would help us in giving a better buying experience.

User profile data, demographic and personal Info

We might use your demographic info and hare with our business affiliates and partners to understand you better so that they can serve you better, we might use certain personal info to eliminate fraud, errors, and other mistakes that can affect you as well as us if left unaddressed.

Contact forms


We might use data gathering tool “cookies” to analyze our promotional effectiveness, promote safety and measure the web-flow, these are small files and cookies do not generally contain any personal info, cookies would help make you use your password less frequently while shopping from our site or platform.

Sharing Personal Info

We Inaarya Organicscan share your personal info with our business partners to ensure that you are served in the right way and you can opt-out of information sharing any pint in the time you feel the need for it.