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Range of Pure and 100% Natural, Organic Product

Our range of natural and 100% pure, chemical-free products are good for health, promotes immunity and increases longevity. Each of the organic products are of high-quality and handmade. Apart from the natural products, all the packages are sustainable. The products are packages in biodegradable brown paper packets and glass containers.

The organic food items of best quality are naturally made and each of the products are finely curated. The produce is from local source and it helps in even boosting the local livelihood. Each of the products undergo testing procedure to check for quality, purity, and taste.

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Different Types of Safe, Chemical-Free Products

The organic food ingredients consists of pure, chemical-free, and 100% natural spices including turmeric and pepper powder. The turmeric is natural and 100% Ayurvedic which is rich in anti-oxidant content. It helps in scavenging free radicals, boost immune system, and purifies blood. The black pepper is natural and chemical free.

In all our products at Inaarya Organicsthere is no chemical added and it has fine taste and premium quality. Our range of Forest Raw Dark Honey is obtained from pure source and it is available as unprocessed and unheated form. The taste is pure and natural with goodness of nutrients and antioxidants.

The hand churned Desi Cow Ghee is pure and imparts a number of health benefits. The sweetening products like Jaggery and Desi Khand has a number of health benefits. It helps in boosting digestion, detoxifying blood and provides cleansing effect, rich in anti-oxidants and is 100% pure with no chemicals, preservatives.


  • maintains body stamina as it gives lots of energy to the body.
  • helpful for making the electrolytes balance in the body.
  • easily digestible and leaves a cooling effect on the body.
  • Treats Common Cold And Cough
  • instant source of muscle repair.
  • source of whole food that provides necessary vitamins and fibers.
  • serves as an anti-aging skin treatment.
  • Unlike Sugar, Khand is not processed through bleaching process which takes away the natural minerals and often leaves harmful chemicals.

Antiallergic properties which prevents from asthma, allergic cold, and asthmatic eczema.

Play a vital role in heart safety.

Anticarcinogenic property which prevents cancers formation in body

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Treats skin diseases, a good appetizer and body toner

Improves membrane structure of red blood cells.

Contains antioxidants which cleanses body and ensure good health of epithelial tissues.

Controls diabetes

Health Benefits of Jaggery

Jaggery (Gud)

  • Acts as a digestive agent and speeds up digestion.
  • Very good as a cleansing agent. It cleans lungs, stomach, intestines, oesophagus and respiratory tracts.
  • It boosts your metabolism and is a great source of energy.
  • Helps cleanse the liver by flushing out harmful toxins from the body which further helps detoxify the liver.

Jaggery Powder

  • Purifies blood..
  • Increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
  • strengthens the body’s defence mechanism.
  • Healthier in comparison to white sugar.